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Self Tests

Zung Depression Screening Form
0 - Little or none of the time
1 - Some of the time
2 - Good part of the time
3 - Most of the time
1. I feel downhearted, blue and sad
2. Morning is when I feel the best
3. I have crying spells or feel like it
4. I have trouble sleeping through the night
5. I eat as much as I used to
6. I enjoy looking at, talking to, and being with attractive women/men
7. I notice that I am losing weight
8. I have trouble with constipation
9. My heart beats faster than usual
10. I get tired for no reason
11. My mind is as clear as it used to be
12. I find it easy to do the things I used to do
13. I am restless and can’t keep still
14. I feel hopeful about the future
15. I am more irritable than usual
16. I find it easy to make decisions
17. I feel that I am useful and needed
18. My life is pretty full
19. I feel that others would be better off if I were dead
20. I still enjoy the things that I used to

Scoring Instructions:

0-15 Little or no symptoms
16-30 mild symptoms
31-45 moderate symptoms
46 or higher severe symptoms.

A high score does not necessarily indicate that a person suffers from depression, but indicates that a more detailed and individualized evaluation should be performed.

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