TMS Is Better Than Medication

AA: Because I’ve never been really big on the medicine thing I know people need it but for for certain people especially me I’m very sensitive to stuff like that and I always just didn’t feel like me and I thought I think that that made the depression and anxiety worse
because I don’t like not having any thoughts in my head and I don’t like feeling numb to things.

I’m very empathetic so when I can’t feel anything that’s very foreign to me and it made me very very sad way more sad than when I was just functioning without so doing TMS and not having to continue all of these medications I feel like is great because there’s no I mean
there’s I didn’t have any side effects from TMS so I can’t complain. Um it’s been wonderful like every person that I’ve interacted with here whether it be through TMS or just my treatment has been amazing um I think the hardest thing for people like myself is when you do find good doctors and good people especially when you’re dealing with your mental health it’s really hard to leave and start over and when I moved here to San Diego I was super nervous about who was going to be my psychiatrist and how it was going to go and when I found the office I just – everything seemed to just flow so well. It was so easy it’s easy for me to talk to Riz and to you and to the girls and I haven’t had I haven’t had any issues with anyone, everyone’s been so caring and understanding and I feel like that’s so important when you’re going through this process to feel like you have a support system and I looked forward to it. 

I mean I looked forward to coming in here and talking to the girls I almost felt like therapy too you know you do TMS and watch funny
videos and have conversation and it was nice so on Thursday when I left here to do my last session I got in my car and I cried because I felt like a new person and it’s such a foreign feeling to me to be happy all the time or most of the time anyway and so um that’s been the best thing about this is I feel like a new human being so it’s awesome.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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