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TMS Made Her Enjoy Being a Mother Again


The case

Jessica is a 30 year old mother of two who is married to an active duty military enlistee.

Her daughter is 2 years old and her son is 9 months old.

Jessica had known for many years that she “wasn’t ok.” But she felt that her depression wasn’t negatively affecting others so she decided she would just live with it.

“Before I had kids I was detached, tired, numb. I’d tell myself I don’t care. I had no motivation.”

“I thought this was just the way I am. This is my personality. I’m lazy.”

A therapist told her she was depressed. She thought the therapist was being dramatic.

She had tried antidepressant medication a few years ago for 6 months but she had felt fatigue and anxiety so she gave up.

Jessica gave birth to her daughter and although she enjoyed being a mom and loved her daughter she would postpone household tasks. She just couldn’t find the motivation to keep up with the house. She wouldn’t clean the kitchen and would instead just clean a small area where the baby was. She was doing the bare minimum and felt she was doing ok.

When she gave birth to her second baby she started to realize this way of dealing with the house was a problem. She felt there was no way to keep her daughter happy while taking care of her son. She would put her daughter in her room and attend to her son. The mess became a problem. She always had to wash whatever she needed in the moment. There was never clean laundry.

She realized she wasn’t able to manage both children. “If both children were crying at the same time I couldn’t function; I couldn’t think; I “couldn’t handle it.”

Her daughter’s language development was lagging. She wasn’t talking and they were starting to get concerned.

She started to worry that she was giving the children her anxiety. They would become reactive when she was sometimes “flipping out on my husband.”

She felt numb; she felt tired all the time. She didn’t have the motivation to get up in the morning and would drag herself through her day.

“I knew I had to do something.”

She loved her kids and wanted the best for them.

She felt she should get some medication. She had tried medication in the past and had experienced more anxiety and fatigue.

She didn’t want to take medication again but she felt it was her only option. She came to our office seeking help. When she learned about TMS she was hopeful.

Jessica has Tricare insurance and started TMS immediately. She got an immediate result in the first few days of the treatment and felt a little bit “high” for about a week. This is not unusual. Then she experienced an “emotional dip” for about ten days during which her depression returned. It gradually lifted over the next few weeks and her mood lightened and improved until it “leveled out and felt normal”.

In the last two weeks of treatment she gradually felt “confident, calm and patient.”

Here’s what she has to say now that she has completed her TMS treatments:

“Now I’m 100% different. My house is clean. My children are with me all day. It’s a lot easier for me to interact with them and teach them.”

“Before I was not as mentally there as I should have been.”

“Now I have patience to let my daughter explore more. I used to not want her to explore because it made more of a mess for me to clean up. Now I don’t mind. Everything is clean because I have the energy and the motivation. I didn’t realize how depressed I was.”

“My husband felt he didn’t know what he could say when. I was always on edge. It’s more peaceful, more happy at home now.”

“My husband sees a huge difference. He’s always thanking me for coming here.”

“My whole life is completely different. My husband tells me more things—he feels he can tell me what he wants. Now I do meal prep; everything feels more loving. I’m a lot more willing to do things around the house for everyone and it doesn’t make me resentful.”

“Now I’m feeling confident, settled, more present, more patient.”

“Now I interact with my daughter all day because I’m not jumbled in my head. She helps me do laundry—I include her. I used to be too overwhelmed to be with her, get things done and care for a 7-month old.”

“Now she’s talking much more. She’s always liked to read the same books repeatedly—now I can handle that.”

“I’m talking to her a lot more and it’s having a positive effect on her talking”.

“Of all that I got out of TMS this is the happiest result because I’m more engaged with my kids.”

“I’m really glad I did this.”

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