Why Choose Us for TMS?

We are a real psychiatry practice specializing
in medication management and TMS.

We are a real psychiatry practice specializing in medication management and TMS. Our practice has three providers. Our psychiatrist, Bruce Hubbard, M.D. has been practicing for over 40 years in our Mission Valley location. He is an expert in diagnosis, psychopharmacology, treatment planning, medication management and TMS. Other psychiatrists consult with Dr. Hubbard for medication management of their patients.

Our practice includes our Psychiatric Physician Assistant, Riz Khan, PAC who has been providing diagnoses and prescribing medications for 13 years. Our Psychologist, Ann Wycoff, Ph.D. is  our Clinical Director. She treats patients in our Mission Valley Office and has been administering psychotherapy for 28 years.

We you call our office, you reach a staff member in our office.  We do not make use of off-site call centers to handle patient calls.

And you'll meet Mr. Ringo!

We are experienced with TMS!

We have treated over 850 patients with TMS in our Mission Valley office. We purchased our first TMS device in 2018.  We now employ five TMS devices because we have seen our patients improve with TMS far beyond the improvement they experienced with psychotherapy or medication alone.

In addition to treating depression, we also treat anxiety with TMS at no additional charge.

Depression and anxiety frequently co-exist. In addition to depression treatments, we give a full course of anxiety treatments at no charge to every patient who has significant anxiety as measured by the GAD-7 Anxiety Inventory.

TMS is FDA-approved for the treatment of depression. It is not yet FDA-approved for the treatment of anxiety although research clearly supports the treatment of anxiety with TMS on the right side of the brain. (Depression is treated on the left side of the brain). Because TMS is not FDA approved for the treatment of anxiety, we do not charge your insurance for this treatment. We give anxiety treatments at no charge because it is important to us to address the anxiety which may be impacting your quality of life. We want to get the very best result for you.

Why do we do this? Consistent with the research, we have seen a significant decrease in anxiety from consecutive right-side treatments. We do not feel it would be right to treat only depression when so many patients also suffer from anxiety.

We get results.  Our practice has the lowest patient drop out rate of any Neurostar device practice in the United States.  Our support of our patients is unmatched. We make sure you get the most benefit from TMS treatment that is possible.

Our TMS technicians fully engage with our patients during treatment.

Our technicians:

  • never leave the room when a patient is being treated.
  • never sit on their cell phone during treatment.
  • are caring, engaging people who care about you.
Each TMS patient has the same technician every day. There may be an exception to this if a technician is out for vacation or some other reason. However, we strive to give each patient the consistency and comfort of having the same technician every day so they feel welcome, supported, and at-home at our office during their treatments. We have selected our TMS technicians for their patience, warmth, compassion, attention to detail and professionalism.

We feel that the relationship created with your technician during treatment facilitates the healing effect of TMS. Many patients tell us that they will miss coming to the office every day once they have finished their treatment.

Our support of our patients is unmatched.

Our courtesy TMS Consultation and  Patient Check-Ins are with our Licensed Psychologist and Clinical Director, Dr. Ann Wycoff.

Dr. Wycoff works closely with Dr. Hubbard, our psychiatrist. She and Dr. Hubbard have monitored the progress of over 500 TMS patients from beginning to end of treatment.

Dr. Wycoff performs the initial TMS consult to learn about you and help you understand all aspects of TMS. You then meet with Dr. Hubbard, who gives the approval as to whether TMS is right for you. Dr. Hubbard then performs the mapping, during which he determines where to place the magnet given your unique head shape and how much stimulation you need. Then your daily treatments begin with a technician present during every treatment.

TMS patients may schedule a check-in with Dr. Wycoff at any time during treatment to discuss their progress, questions or concerns. Dr. Wycoff works closely with Dr. Hubbard to keep him apprised of every patient’s progress. Dr. Hubbard is available on site if a patient needs to schedule an appointment with him. Some patients may experience a temporary “emotional dip” during treatment. Although this is a normal part of treatment, it can be disconcerting to a patient who has been depressed for many years. Because we have successfully treated so many patients with TMS, we are experienced at understanding and supporting patients if they experience a temporary “emotional dip”. For this reason, our patients rarely, if ever, discontinue treatment before completion of their full course of treatments. Completion of all treatments ensures that you will receive your best possible result.

Every patient meets with Dr. Wycoff for an exit interview. During this interview she carefully listens to each patients’ unique experience and specific results so she and Dr. Hubbard continually deepen their understanding of TMS and its effect on each patient. She and Dr. Hubbard have a wealth of TMS experience with a broad variety of patients and age groups. This experience is invaluable in supporting you as you complete your TMS treatment and giving you the best possible outcome.