In Their Own Words... TMS Changes Lives

The following individuals wanted to share their experience in the hope of helping others suffering from anxiety and depression.  

They have given written permission for us to share their experience through video.

TMS Changed My Life

TMS Reduced the Mental Noise

TMS Lifted My Depression

TMS Reduced My Anxiety

Why Do TMS?

TMS Brought More Enjoyment to My Life

The Experience of TMS

TMS Improved My Relationships

TMS Helped Me with ADHD

TMS Improved My Sleep


“Prior to coming to this office, I was in a perpetual state of feeling numb and was at my wits end dealing with my depression and anxiety. After a consultation with Dr. Wycoff, we decided that TMS treatment was the best course of action. That was the single best decision I have ever made. Since completing the treatment, I have felt an overwhelming sense of relief as I am now able to experience a full range of emotions without feeling like the highs or lows will drastically impact my day to day life. Not to mention, the staff at the office made the environment extremely welcoming, especially my TMS technician, Sebastian, whose calm and friendly demeanor made me feel like I had a friend throughout the whole process. I can’t wait to see how my life improves as a result of these great people!”


“I have been depressed most of my life. I was first diagnosed with Major Depression in 1993. During the following 27 years I have tried 11 different medications and combinations of meds. I have had ten years of talk therapy. Nothing has given me much relief. TMS has been a blessing. The sadness that was always there is gone. I am enjoying life and new experiences. It is amazing how much the gray fog of depression obscures life’s beauty and how paralyzing depression can be. Dr. Hubbard and his staff are an amazing team. I had a real sense of genuine caring and effort put into helping me. I was seen as an individual and everyone went the extra mile to see that I was very well taken care of. I would highly recommend Dr. Hubbard and his wonderful staff.”


“5 Stars! The entire team really has an amazing ability to understand whatever you may be struggling with (for me it was low depression and high anxiety). I walked in shaking and left my last treatment with the best hugs and feelings and an understanding that I can cope and excel again in this life/body.
Dr. Bruce/Avery/and Michelle did an amazing job with mapping.
Ray (my friend for life) put me at ease every session.
Dr. Ann Wycoff did an amazing job with analyzing my progress as we made needed adjustments.
Everyone in the staff is on-board with assuring you have the best treatments and experience (best results!). Issac, Maya, Sandra, Vikram, Roxy, Sebastian, Katie B!, you are the best! Made coming in for treatments fun and easy.
Personally I don’t like taking pills for any level of stress/depression as they have not worked for me. Covid hit my business hard and I only found relief with this team while dealing with unknown uncertainties.
Wish I could give 10 stars. Avery is a special part of this team and I want to recognize him individually.
Also, Raymund should be up for an MVP award (Dundie) as he is above and beyond everyday to ensure my treatments were not only completed but also done with a level of fun/friendship that made me forget I was the patient. Cannot say enough about my guy Ray!
Lastly, the impression I got from Dr. Hubbard’s office is that they only hire talented professionals with a passion to help. Again 10 stars if I could.”


“I spent 22 years living with depression and now I have full range of emotions that I’ve never experienced before, and a new outlook on life. Before beginning treatment, I was non-functioning and almost completely non-verbal. My sleep schedule was non-existent, my energy levels were very low, and I had to pause my schooling because I was unable to even talk to people.

By week two of treatment, not only was I sleeping better and waking up refreshed, but those around me noticed a significant change. I began talking so much I joked that my therapist would have to teach me to be quiet. This treatment has changed my life for the better. I would highly recommend TMS to anyone suffering from severe depression.


“For a long time I was afraid of this. I had ECT about 15 years ago with a different psychiatrist and it was not a good experience for me. But I trust Doctor Hubbard and he recommended that I consider TMS. I feel I’m an educated consumer. I can’t say enough about the nurturing, healing environment in this office. It’s so welcoming, so peaceful. It’s the perfect environment to do this.

My experience was really good. The techs are all really nice. This is a nice place to come every day. They all care. After about 3 weeks I started feeling lighter, more hopeful, better about myself. I started dieting. I started taking my kids on long stroller rides to get exercise. I confided in a coworker that I was doing TMS and she said she was seeing a difference. She said I seemed more light-hearted. Medicine makes life bearable and TMS makes it more enjoyable. My sleep got better. I’m not waking up during the night. I’m sleeping all night. I have more energy, more pep. I was previously exhausted. I don’t worry as much. Before, I thought: ‘I’m fat and ugly’. I was ashamed. Now, I don’t feel horrified by my appearance. I used to feel disgusted. Now when I look in the mirror I think, it’s not too bad. The fact that I’m sticking with my diet is new. I would have given up in the past.

I’m more patient with my kids, more tolerant. I’m finding positive traits in my husband and minimizing the things that bother me. I’m recognizing that he’s a good father. That makes it easier to tolerate the negative things. Everyone has them. I feel fortunate to finally see life through the eyes of someone who’s not clinically depressed. If I’d done this sooner, I would have lived my life differently. I guess you could say I’m more aware. More insight, that’s it. I still get frustrated with stuff. But I don’t go into a hole. In the past I would have gone down into the abyss.

I feel good when I wake up. I’m so happy I got a solid sleep. I would do TMS again in a heartbeat. This is as close to a miracle as an atheist can call it. It’s been life-changing. I’m better at telling myself, ‘do it, you deserve it’.”


“Everybody here is so nice, so warm and caring. Every single person in this office. Since the TMS I’m moving around more. I’m less fatigued. It woke my brain up. I feel lighter; the fatigue has lifted. I have energy to move. I used to chill on the couch for hours. I felt I was always tired. After being up for two hours I would have to lay down. It’s easier to get things done. I just do things. I’m alive again. Hanging out with my daughter isn’t a chore. I’m getting along better with my boyfriend. It’s not a chore to pick up the house. Now I’m cooking again. It doesn’t affect my sleep one way or another. My back pain is better and it’s less draining. It feels easier to get things done. I’m going to be going back to work soon. I’m more efficient. My memory is better. It takes less time to get things done because I’m more focused.

Now that I’m awake again I think things through. Now I know what behaviors kept me depressed. I’m more aware. Now I can see what I do that works against me. I’ve started cutting out sugar. I went and bought a behavior chart for my daughter. A Star Chart with tokens. It’s helping her. I’d wanted to do this for a long time. I just couldn’t.

My boyfriend notices the difference and it makes him try harder. I can see my behavior now. I realize now I was sometimes being rude. He sees me trying and he tries harder too. So we’re getting along better.
I’m not in a black hole of despair anymore.”


“I noticed immediately an improvement and so did the people around me. That heavy weight of depression was lifted and I felt good. I’m happier than I’ve been in years. The medicines weren’t working so I got proactive and tried this. I’m so patient with my husband now. I don’t have that anger anymore. I laugh every day many times and that’s really new. I’ve never been to a place with so much empathy and compassion. I felt I could let down and show it all. The staff here is deeply invested in their patients. What I experience now is positivity. I guess that’s the right word. My husband is so happy with the results. I didn’t smile for so long. I don’t have the moodiness. There are so many depressed people in the world that this will help. If anyone wants to email me or talk with me I’d be happy to talk with them.”


Dr. Hubbard changed my life. My wife had been plagued by depression since she was a teenager. She had been to a myriad of physicians, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists over decades. She would still fall into the depression trap once or twice a year, which had a significant negative impact on my well being. After a particularly bad string of advice from an internist, my wife tripped across Dr. Hubbard–a psychopharmacologist. Dr Hubbard has a very deep understanding of the relationship between drugs and mental health, as well as the interactions between drugs. 

The first visit was like magic, he hit the nail exactly on the head and my wife regained the balance and smile that led me to her in the first place. Over the years, we have returned to Dr. Hubbard twice annually to make sure everything remains in balance. Tweaks have been occasional, and have worked great. I highly recommend Dr. Hubbard and his staff, particularly Kathy–as warm and friendly a person as you will ever find.”


“Dr. Hubbard saved my life. Under his care I no longer suffer the debilitating effects of depression which I had experienced for 50 years, since the onset of puberty. After many doctors, in many parts of the world and many types of treatment, I found Dr. Hubbard.

Kathy, the first person one meets when entering the office is wonderfully friendly. She has a sincere interest in everyone. She values people. If one leaves a voice mail she always returns calls. It is inconceivable that she could be rude to anyone. When a person is having problems with their health it is not uncommon to find fault with much of life. I know, I’ve been there. Consequently, a hurried harangue against this office should probably be put into context and considered accordingly.

When I initially went to see Dr. Hubbard I was at a very low point, after two years of treatment with a doctor who was well-meaning but not well-acquainted with modern medications. The side effects of the many inappropriately prescribed medications I was taking had practically incapacitated me, and had fueled my ever-present depression.

Dr. Hubbard listened to me explain my experience. He reacted immediately with a plan for me to recover from the prescription drugs I had in my system and then with a way to proceed with my life without the effects of depression. It took 50 years of doctors, all over the country, to find a specialist who gave me back my life.


“I would highly recommend Dr. Hubbard to anyone in San Diego who is seeking a Psychiatrist. From the moment I walked into the office, where I was warmly greeted by Kathy in the main office, my experience was nothing other than positive. I found the front office staff very friendly and inviting. Not knowing what my insurance would cover, Kathy gladly went out of her way to do the research for me. Upon meeting Dr. Hubbard for the first time, I felt completely at ease. Dr. Hubbard was very thorough with his initial examination of me. At the same time, he was very friendly and sometimes funny. I felt completely comfortable telling him things that are private to me, in order for him to make a proper diagnosis. I have been seeing Dr. Hubbard for 2 years now and I feel like I have developed a very positive relationship with my doctor, which is very important to me when choosing a doctor. I would recommend Dr. Hubbard to any of my closest friends and family.


“Dr. Hubbard is awesome. Great Doctor, very knowledgeable and a great listener. One of the best doctors I’ve had. In fact, I continue to drive from Los Angeles to San Diego to see him, even though I moved over a year ago. I just haven’t been able to find anyone I like as much. His entire office is great too. Kathy, Ahderah. Oh, and if you don’t have insurance, he’s very reasonable. Thanks Dr. Hubbard!

I have been a patient of Dr Hubbard’s for about 10 years. Recently he helped me through a period in which I was seriously disabled and had to be off work for a couple of months. We have had to change medications periodically to find out what works the best for me. He’s not the kind of doctor who gives you a prescription with 11 refills and says come back and see me in a year. I come back every 1 to 6 months for “med checks” so he can be sure what he prescribes is working. Kathy runs the front office. Kathy IS the front office. She knows the ins and outs of insurance, disability paperwork, billing, scheduling, etc. She is highly efficient and caring. She ALWAYS smiles when she meets and greets patients and genuinely wants to help however she can. This must be who she really is because no pill prescribed or not can make her show that she cares every time I go there (which has been a lot lately). I give them an A-…the minus is for the tiny parking spots, but that’s got more to do with the landlord than the psychiatric care.”


“TMS was a real game changer for me. I have been dealing with depression on and off since I was 18. This helped me more than any prescription I had been given. The team at Dr. Hubbard’s office is amazing. They truly care about everyone’s well being and mental health. I wish I would have done this sooner in life. THANK YOU for giving me myself back.”


“Wow! Is the first word that comes to mind! I am so thankful that I committed to the TMS therapy. Friends and family alike comment on how happy I am again! But more than that, I feel it! I had the pleasure of working with Roxy, a delightful, competent and friendly technician. In fact the entire staff is very professional, friendly but most of all caring! Thank you Roxy (my girl :), Dr. Wycoff, Riz, Sebastian, Avery and Dr. Hubbard! And blessings to you ALL!”


“I have suffered from depression most of my life and have received counseling for this. While professional therapy addressed my underlying emotional insecurities, I continued to suffer from a dark cloud of depression. I reached out to Dr Hubbard in hopes that he could help me. I was unaware of TMS treatments, but was desperate for help. So I signed on.

I found the office to be pleasantly welcoming. The staff was friendly, professional, and very helpful. Roxy was the (not sure of her title…clinician?) who administered my treatments. She was simply delightful, as well as professional. She took a personal interest in my journey towards recovery.

As for the TMS treatments, I found them to be painless, with no negative side effects. The outcome of these sessions is that the dark cloud of depression has lifted and for the first time in my life, I wake up each morning looking forward to the day.

It is no doubt in my mind that Dr Hubbard’s office and staff deserve a five star rating.”


“This was my first TMS experience and I noticed amazing results right away. I noticed I wasn’t crying much anymore and I’m not swayed by the family issues that I used to feel. I was always thinking about the past. Now I can bounce back right away from family issues. I have the energy to exercise and can choose the right foods for my health. I used to not care. I can study and read better.

When I was depressed I couldn’t focus on my Buddhist practice. Now i can easily focus on something and study and attend Zoom meetings and enjoy everything I do. Now I’m cooking, gardening, exercising and enjoying things I didn’t want to do. I also feel the pain in my body is gone too. I feel more light. The staff and Dr. Wycoff and everybody; I can feel their genuine care toward the patients and their respect toward me. They made sure I felt great during the sessions. They make it easier. Each treatment was 19 minutes but it felt like only a few minutes.

I wished I could have stayed longer. They listened to my stories and know how to treat the patient to make them feel good. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to change their life. Don’t waste your time. This treatment is available to you. There are no side effects like with medications. I’m so glad I found this so I want to share with everybody. It’s a natural thing you want to share with everyone. I researched this online and that’s how I found out about this. I think it should be on TV so everyone knows about this. So many people are suffering and searching for something to help them.

People need to know more about this.”


“When I started TMS I felt anxious, worried it wouldn’t go well, and not really looking forward to a bright future. Now I feel like I have things to look forward to, I’m glad I stuck with treatment and I’m motivated to keep improving. I’ve recently started a normal self-care routine, I’m a lot less anxious, and I have more motivation to follow through on things. I express emotion more and my girlfriend says I’m more patient. I really liked my treater because we both like to game and we could talk about that.”


“I came to a point in my life where I was sick of fighting with myself just to get through the day. I never really felt good despite how hard I was trying every day. TMS completely changed my life. I’m genuinely happy the majority of the time with no constant negative thinking. I highly recommend this treatment.”


“I would recommend this to anyone! The treatment itself was life changing, going from 24/7 depression and anxiety to a life free from the chains of depression and anxiety! I can now get through down times in record time. I seriously feel like this treatment should be mainstreamed, it should be a first resort not a last resort, there were ZERO side effects guys. The staff here is amazing and they become quick friends. The office is super clean and efficient! It is very relaxed here but safe and inviting! I hope more people can do this treatment to feel the amazing life change it has brought its been a blessing to myself and my family!”


“The office of Dr. Hubbard is excellent and I have been to a handful of practices. I have been under the care of Riz Khan for about 3 years now and he has helped me overcome some significant problems. I had tried many things to get better with not much success until I found a great place. I am feeling better and much of the improvement is thanks to Riz. He listens to what the patient is saying which is a hard thing to find and he has a strong understanding of his work. My experience with his care and the kind and helpful staff is unmatched. Highly Recommended!”


“I am very grateful for the treatment I received and the amazing support available for my entire TMS treatment. This treatment has saved my life by lifting the depression I was experiencing and now I’m able to enjoy life at a level I didn’t know was possible. Thank you Dr. Wycoff, Avery and Roxy especially.”


“Getting TMS at this office is an opportunity I’ve been very lucky to receive. Going into the office each day gave me something to look forward to. It wasn’t until about two weeks into my TMS treatments when I started noticing changes. I started to feel lighter, like a weight had been lifted from me. I also felt a lot more confident in myself and my abilities. 

I realized I was enjoying myself at work instead of dreading my day as soon as I woke up. TMS even helped me go back to school. Since TMS, my future seems positive and I finally have goals again. I don’t think I would have gotten such a good result if it wasn’t for the support of the staff and my wonderful treater, Roxy. Everyone in the office made me feel welcome and comfortable each day, and Roxy always made me laugh and found something for us to talk about during treatment. 

This is very obviously a quality-driven practice and it shows. I can honestly say that TMS has changed my life for the better and I hope that anyone suffering from depression will consider TMS as an option.”


“Doing TMS here was one of the smartest things I’ve done. I’m very happy. It really helped that the providers and staff were so competent, kind and knowledgeable. They made me feel at ease. When I began treatment I was at a very low place, and I knew that every treatment was a step toward making a change. The changes I’ve noticed are remarkable. I’m not shaking inside; I’m not having repetitive exhausting thoughts. I can now see colors and feel hopeful for my future. I’m making plans again and I’ve excited for my future. I knew it would work but I didn’t know it would REALLY WORK! I knew I had to do something. Doing TMS has completely changed the dynamics with my kids. I got better and they got better too. My treater Michelle was kind and supportive, and made every treatment enjoyable-we watched a program on Egypt. I had my first laugh in two years with her! It came from deep in my toes and it was awesome! It was a joy to laugh hard again. That surprised me. The experience felt like a big hug.”


“I’ve been a psychiatric patient for years, struggling with depression, anxiety and ADHD. I’ve taken at least a dozen different medications and seen almost as many psychiatrists & psychotherapists, with little or no progress.

In just 2 months, Dr. Hubbard and his staff have treated me with TMS and I feel better than I have in decades. The technology is wonderful: no side effects, brief sessions and provable results. I can’t thank them enough.”


“I had personally been struggling with severe depression and anxiety for most of my adult life. For years I had tried medications from my primary care doctor that seemed to either make me worse or turn me into a zombie. I was referred to Dr. Hubbard and had a phone consultation with Dr. Wycoff regarding TMS treatment since I was a good candidate for it and had never tried it.

I started treatment in August of 2020 and four months later I feel like my old self again with a renewed hope for the future. It’s a commitment worth making and the results may be slow and gradual for some like myself but 100% worth it. Everyone at the office is empathetic and truly cares about your progress and well being even after treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Hubbard and his team!”


“Everyone here treated me well and made me feel like I was at home. They made sure everything went smoothly with my appointments and my TMS treatments. The TMS has made a big improvement in my life and I’m looking forward to getting out there and living the best life I can live. I used to dread getting out of bed but now I look forward to getting up and enjoying the day. Paulina was a great treater and I enjoyed our TMS sessions together. I’m going to stop in the office now and then to update them on my progress because I know they care.”


“TMS is the only treatment that helped me. I have been battling severe depression and anxiety for along a very long time due to my military status, work stress and financial issues. I thought I had no way out before TMS, relying only on pills for relief. I started TMS, pessimistically, but I did stick with all my treatment, amazingly I started sleep better, having more confidence, more energy and a different mood, very good mood day after day. Now, I see I am living with a new me, ready to tackle life. Thanks to the great staff at Dr. Hubbard’s office for giving me my old self back.”


 “I had a great experience with Dr. Hubbard and his staff. Everyone was professional, kind and compassionate! Roxy went above and beyond her call of duty. I was thoroughly impressed with the whole experience. Thank you!”





“I have suffered with clinical depression for over 20 years, anxiety and tinnitus. I have taken numerous antidepressants. Nothing has help relieve my depression until 2 months ago. I started TMS treatment (transcranial magnetic stimulation) with Dr. Ann Wycoff and her knowledgeable staff.

With Dr, Wycoff’s expertise and treatment skills I feel like a new person My friends have all commented how I have changed from before starting treatment. The benefits are fantastic; I have more energy than ever before. My depression has all but disappeared. I wake up in the morning ready to start the day, I sleep much more and better quality sleep. My spirits are lifted: happy, no negative thoughts I feel like a new person without the depression and anxiety. Another benefit is the reduction of noise I suffer with tinnitus, reduces about 25% or more. Seems that noises are coming from only one ear, as before white noise was experienced from both ears.

Thanks to Dr. Wycoff with her direction, professionalism and highly effective treatments I can manage my mental health everyday since going through the TMS program. Everyday is a GREAT DAY!!”


“My experience with TMS was very positive for me. It calmed my mind down. It calmed the repetitive thoughts. I would try to meditate in the past, but could never focus enough to enjoy doing it. Now I’m meditating an hour and a half per day. Before I was always a person that was “glass half empty; now I am a “glass half full” person. I’m not able to go to the melancholy place anymore. I had a great rapport with my technician, Avery.

He made it fun to come every day. It was the highlight of my day to come and talk with him. We laughed a lot. He was so happy I found Just for Gags on You Tube. Who doesn’t want to laugh for a half hour? TMS helps you to shift your perspective and see life through a different lens. This happens without effort. It’s an easy way to change some core beliefs that I wasn’t even aware of. Having a therapist while I did TMS was super helpful too.”


“My TMS experience was a gift beyond measure. The staff here and the treatment all played a role for the better. They are welcoming and really, truly want the best for you. Treatments are done in a relaxing environment. TMS is a wonderful (invisible) tool that you carry with you everyday. It is an extra helping hand, reminding you that you can get through the obstacles at hand. I am grateful for the knowledge of TMS and the treatment I received. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for help in any way.”




“I just wanted to take a moment to share my amazing experiences with Dr. Bruce Hubbard’s office. I went there to receive TMS therapy and all i can say is it changed my life. The staff was supportive, warm and so friendly. Riz , the Psych P.A. was absolutely the best. He put me at ease and made me feel comfortable at all times. I can’t thank Dr. Hubbard’s office enough and i would refer them to anyone because they truly care about the person and your well being.”


“I started coming to Dr. Hubbard’s office being seen by Rizwan Khan PAC about 4 months ago and I can honestly say he has helped me change my life for the better! For the first time I didn’t feel like someone was just trying to prescribe medication and send me on my way! He truly listens attentively at every appointment we have. He is very thorough and encouraging and truly cares about your well being and making a difference in your life.! The rest of staff is always super friendly and on top of things as well! I definitely recommend this office to anyone who needs it!”


“I cannot say enough good things about this business. They are caring, friendly, generous, giving and concerned about their patients. I have never been to a better doctor’s office. Doctors and staff both deserve 10 stars!!”





B. F.


“I’m so grateful to have found this healthcare provider. I just finished a long treatment plan with the NeuroStar TMS and am so happy with the results. I feel so much more centered and I now react to situations in a much more mature and grounded manner – meaning I don’t get overly agitated over nothing! Things that used to send me off the rails now have little to no effect on me and it’s SO liberating to live my life grounded, instead of in a constant state of upset. And I feel like I owe these truly life-changing results to the amazing staff at Dr. Hubbard’s office.

When I first joined, I thought going there every day would be such a burden, but going to TMS quickly became a positive part of my day. Of course, it really helps to go some place every day when you like the people, and the staff at Dr. Hubbard’s office is just wonderful.
I can’t give anything but glowing reviews of the entire team.

*** To Katie and Paulina in the front, thank you for your welcoming greetings every day and putting a smile on my face from the start

*** To Ellen, thank you for your ever-efficient (and oh-so-patient) re-scheduling accommodations

*** To Spencer, thank you for your expertise and advocacy in insurance navigation

*** To Lexi, thank you for the always cheerful good day wishes on my way out

*** And to my WONDERFUL TMS treater Julio, THANK YOU for making the time go by SO quickly and keeping me entertained in the process!

I’m utterly surprised by how much I will miss going there every day…

In conclusion, the staff here is very special and they really care about the people they are helping. So if you’re interested in TMS, there is no better place you can go than to the extraordinary team at Dr. Hubbard’s office in Mission Valley”


“This is by far the best psychiatric practice in San Diego county. Besides Dr. Bruce Hubbard who is a psychiatrist with many years of clinical experience. Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Ann Wycoff and Physician Assistant Rizwan Khan, PA-C are also on staff. This is a very welcoming and diverse practice which accepts a variety of insurance. The support staff is also helpful & facilitates the running of a smooth, efficient practice. Clients are seen in a timely fashion and there is rarely a wait. This allows clients to schedule appointments reliably knowing how long they will be in the office.

I came to see Dr. Hubbard for treatment resistant depression after finishing a 30 session regime of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) with another psychiatrist in the area. Upon relapsing, I came to Dr. Hubbard looking to minimize medication which had proved ineffective and problematic for years regardless of what medications I tried. I was feeling pretty hopeless and desperate to find a tolerable solution.

Dr. Hubbard assured me that although my situation was complicated, I was not crazy & there would be a solution. I left that session hopeful for the first time in years.

I met Rizwan Khan, PA-C when I needed Saturday appointments. I immediately resonated with Riz who is warm, engaging and personable. He listened attentively to my long tale of woe and expressed curiosity about my life, family, work, support system and outside interests. In other words he treated me like a person vs a diagnosis to be quickly dispatched.
Over the 2+ years that I have been under Rizwan’s care he’s been a tireless ally in my struggle to find a solution to my complicated mood disorder. He listens to my experience with multiple medications which I’ve tried over the past 8 years. Its been a long frustrating haul for me, but Riz is always patient and reassuring. He remains hopeful and determined in the face of my despair. Unlike most psychiatrists with whom I’ve worked, Rizwan encourages me to call him between sessions if I’m struggling & he returns calls in a timely manner. He is by far, the most accessible, compassionate, and “human” mental health provider I’ve encountered on this journey.

Rizwan prides himself on being an advocate for his patients and for providing excellent customer service. He’s not only there during appointments but he is easily reached in emergencies even after hours. This is rare and refreshing.

I recently had an opportunity to test his after hours availability when there was a problem with a refill on a Saturday night. The pharmacy was literally out of my medications. I called Riz in a panic. He immediately called the pharmacist, found an alternative pharmacy, and called in the prescription. I was literally talking to Riz on my cell phone as I drove frantically to pick up my medication before the pharmacy closed. He didn’t hang up until I had the pills in hand. Now that’s going above and beyond the call of duty in the name of providing truly compassionate service to one’s clients. Although I’m still struggling, I trust Rizwan with my life and would strongly recommend him.”


“All I can say is this place has a great staff everyone working there is so attentive and kind My Doctor Dr.Riz Is absolutely the best makes you feel heard takes his time to hear you out and is always so uplifting I highly recommend this office and anyone of the team .So glad to finally have a doctor that I can talk to without feeling rushed.”


“Over the course of the several past years, I have worked with Dr. Hubbard on several of my personally troubling issues. He is a kind and keen listener whose recommendations and insights have brought me through some difficult moments in my life. I will continue to turn to this highly skilled doctor when I face life situations that I have trouble seeing a way through without help.”


“I have been seeing Riz since April. He is absolutely wonderful. He has worked so hard to find the right medication combination for me, and after 6 months, we finally have it! I am so glad I found him and so glad I was patient with the process. What he does is not easy but he works hard and treats me with respect and kindness and that is just unfound in many places nowadays. HIGHLY recommend. The entire office is outstanding with customer service as well.”


“I found Dr. Hubbard and Mr. Kahn after searching for over a year for a new doctor. I was on a combination of medications that most doctors do not prescribe so it made it hard for me to find a doctor that was willing to work with me. I have been his patient for 5 months now and I am more stable than I had been for years. Their staff is very helpful and go out of their way to help resolve any issues you may have. They have Saturday appointments that make it easy to fit in your schedule. I would highly recommend both of them to help with your psychiatric needs.”


“This office is great! I was able to get in to see Dr. Hubbard the same week I called. The Dr. uses E-scripts and actually sends them in himself. The most important thing to know is to make sure that you know if the pharmacy you use has the medicine you need beforehand. Ellen advised me of that on the day I made the appointment. I had zero problems with the whole process. They were super sweet and very accommodating. I would highly recommend this office to anyone in need of an experienced Psychiatrist and caring staff.”


I have been under the care of Riz for some time now. I feel so lucky to have found such an attentive and caring person to manage my medicine. I can be very high maintenance at times, but Riz does not make me feel rushed or bad when I need the extra attention. I highly recommend this office to anybody struggling. Thank you Riz, I wouldn’t be where I’m at without you thinking out of the box with managing my meds. 👍”


“NeuroStar TMS has changed my life. After struggling with depression for so many years I felt relief with just a few weeks of TMS treatment. I was skeptical at first if this would work for me but now I am a true TMS believer. Things in life that used to send me spiraling down just don’t effect me like that anymore. This is the best I have felt in over 20 years and I would recommend TMS treatment to anyone that is struggling with depression. Dr. Hubbard and his staff are truly amazing and they made me feel so comfortable throughout my treatment. The staff really cared about me and I appreciate them so much.”


“I have been a patient of Dr Hubbard’s for over ten years. In my opinion you cannot find a better psychiatrist, nor a better staff. I suffered for years with severe unresponsive depression. Believing that things could never get better. If you have severe depression, you understand that feeling of hopelessness. I was one of the first in San Diego to receive TMS after it was approved in 2008. I am grateful everyday of my life to not suffer anymore.

I am happy to see his practice expand with NeuroStar TMS, because it changed my life profoundly. It may not work for everyone and I hope those people continue searching for relief but it did work for me.”


“My husband has had severe depression disorder for over a decade. He recently completed TMS treatment with Dr. Hubbard and Dr. Wycoff. The TMS treatment was very successful. My husband has been returned to me and our family. He feels lighter, more able to cope and is re-entering his life with hope for the future. Our experience was so positive, not just because of the TMS treatments, but because of Dr. Hubbard, Dr. Wycoff and their staff.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Hubbard, and his staff. They are supportive, kind and truly invested in their patients’ healing. I have often had to be my husband’s advocate and my input has not always been welcomed by some of his doctors. This was not the case with Dr. Hubbard and Dr. Wycoff, they respected my opinions and encouraged me to be part of the team. The office staff and atmosphere are open, warm, nurturing and truly dedicated to healing.”


“I met some of the employees at a conference and they are very friendly and knowledgeable. They told me they are one of the top providers of TMS in San Diego for treatment for depression. I will certainly recommend to any friends inquiring.


“Dr. Hubbard was fully booked so I was seen by his PA Mr Rizwan and holy cow was he fast acting with my treatment! He is very knowledgeable and if given enough information can pinpoint the right medication/treatment that suits you best! I’m extremely grateful to have seen him!”


“I wasn’t sure what to expect going into TMS treatment, but I can honestly say it has made a huge difference in my depression. I feel more able to function now than I have in 12 years. This office was amazing and incredibly accommodating. They genuinely care about getting you a result, and will go out of their way to help you. I cannot recommend this treatment enough if you have had chronic depression and no medication has worked for you. There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”


“I cannot recommend enough Dr. Hubbard’s office for TMS treatment. I suffered from depression for almost my whole life and for the first time I not only feel hope for my future: I feel alive. The entire staff is incredibly kind and want what is best for you. I am optimistic and have so much physical and mental energy to get through the toughest of obstacles. The one thing I recommend is to ask for Katie to be your Treater. She is kind, patient, and truly cares about her patients.”


“The office of Dr. Hubbard is excellent and I have been to a handful of practices. I have been under the care of Riz Khan for about 3 years now and he has helped me overcome some significant problems. I had tried many things to get better with not much success until I found a great place. I am feeling better and much of the improvement is thanks to Riz. He listens to what the patient is saying which is a hard thing to find and he has a strong understanding of his work. My experience with his care and the kind and helpful staff is unmatched. Highly Recommended!”


“I started coming to Dr. Hubbard’s office being seen by Rizwan Khan PAC about 4 months ago and I can honestly say he has helped me change my life for the better! For the first time I didn’t feel like someone was just trying to prescribe medication and send me on my way! He truly listens attentively at every appointment we have. He is very thorough and encouraging and truly cares about your well being and making a difference in your life.! The rest of staff is always super friendly and on top of things as well! I definitely recommend this office to anyone who needs it!”


“I have been trying to get an appointment with Dr. Hubbard for years now as he has been personally recommended by other doctors as one of the leading doctors in the San Diego area. I was finally able to get an appointment and he and his staff did not disappoint. From the first call to the care team is wonderful. I have been to many psych doctors since I was 22 and I have to say he and his staff are amazing. I am so glad I called again to see if he was taking new patients!”

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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