Others Have Noticed the Change

AA: My husband has for sure because he’s the one that’s dealt with the you know he’s with me behind closed doors when no one else is seeing the stuff I’m going through so for him he’s like it’s been a huge change but even my mother said to me on the phone the other day she was like you just sound so good and I don’t have anything really to complain about you know I am really really really happy with the results for sure.

I’ve always had a really silly sense of humor and I felt like it was kind of like put off for a long time because of my mental state and so I didn’t I couldn’t bring myself to be this silly person on the outside if on the inside I was feeling so stressed and so sad and now I feel like I can see it come back and like when I laugh at things like I really laugh and it’s been so long since I’ve like belly laughed you know and so that that’s been a really good thing for me too and my husband also noticed it because he’s like I haven’t haven’t seen you be silly and whatever in so long like so it’s nice.

I’m the type of person I’m not quite a grudge holder but when I get my feelings hurt it’s really hard for me to kind of like get over that and there’s been a few things that have happened in my time of TMS where I think normally I would have gotten upset and shut down and I haven’t had that experience.

If there’s been something that’s bothered me or just take an initiative to figure out what it was and and move forward without like holding on to that negative energy and that’s something that I haven’t really ever been able to do so that’s good too.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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