With TMS My Mind Is Quieter

Dr. W: Do you feel like your mind is quieter? 

AA: It is in a lot of ways the things that I worried about before don’t seem to plague me nearly as much as they did prior to doing TMS. I think I still like any person have worries and fears and things and I think a lot of it right now is just situational but if this stuff that was happening in the world wasn’t happening I would be like I don’t have anything to worry about because really the stuff at home is good, I haven’t had any issues.

Dr. W: And you feel that the postpartum depression lifted?

AA: I do and I – it’s interesting because it’s not a focus for me anymore. I feel like when I was dealing with depression and anxiety like that was a lot of what consumed my thoughts and my focus and now it’s not really like that. I feel like I can find interest in other things and talk about other things and not have to always be talking about the negative stuff which is nice.

Dr. W: Do you find that your mind doesn’t go to the negative as automatically as it used to?

AA: Yes and that is something that is a really hard habit I would imagine for anyone to change especially when you’ve been thinking like that for so long. But I notice that when I start to think something negative my brain gives me this positive thing too so it’s like put this and so then I just focus on the positive thought and not the negative one and I move in that direction and that seems to keep my mood elevated. 

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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