I Feel at Home Here

SP: One thing though, the staff they are great. They know what they’re doing. Listen to them. They are great coaches, great friends, they’re here to help. I had I was introduced to two of them and they are the greatest.

Dr. W: Who treated you again?

SP: It’s that lady the beautiful lady, Katie.

Dr. W: Katie!

SP: She started with me and then she trained Ray, Raymund [yeah, yes] he’s – awesome. We bonded like brothers. We had no, nothing we haven’t talked about there’s no limit which is that’s how I like it you know. I don’t want to come to a place where I’m a client [sure] I want to feel a family. I want a friend I want to feel at home and that’s what I got here.

Dr. W: Oh that means a lot to us to hear. We want to be there for our patients we want them to feel that way and as you came out and engaged I mean we could see that and it was really exciting for us.

SP: Yes ma’am he told me that. When I first started he could hardly get one answer [I believe it] from me, yes, no, yes, no. [Laughter]. The idea that blah blah blah.

Dr. W: What would you so in summary what would you say would you like to say anything to close?

SP: TMS works. TMS work. TMS work.

Dr. W: And if in the future in the unlikely event that depression were to come back because you show such a good result with your numbers your insurance which is Tricare – because you are military – would pay for you to do this again. Now you’re young and most likely your depression won’t return. If it does it may in several years, it may in a year, it may never because now that you’re thinking the way you’re thinking you are setting up new habits so if you continue with the progress you’ve been making in terms of your insights, your engagement, your depression may not return at all. If it were to return we can treat you again.

SP: I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Dr. W: Well we hope you don’t need to come back but if you did we would be really happy to see you.

SP: I will be sure to tell my friends wherever in my line of work is going through the same thing that I went through [yeah] I will be sure to tell them about that program that TMS is really amazing.

Dr. W: Wonderful. Well thank you for trusting us with your mental health and we’re really happy for you.

SP: All right thank you.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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