The Sky's the Limit

Dr. W: You seem really good.

SP: Yes ma’am.

Dr. W: It’s so nice to have watched your progress and I know that you went through a dip which happens and so you started your TMS you started feeling better and then you went through a dip where the depression kind of returned.

SP: Yes.

Dr. W: And we stuck very close to you and you hung in there and then how did you come out of that and start feeling like you feel now?

SP: Oh I realized that it was a combination of family life, financial issues, isolation and the COVID pandemic [yeah]. And then for some reason I don’t know if coached myself out of it or if it was because of TMS, but for some reason after maybe a week or two I snapped out of it and [unintelligible] I felt good again.

Dr. W: That’s kind of how TMS works and once you come out of that you get better and better [right]. And are you noticing that you’re more resilient like you bounce back from challenges better than used to?

SP: Yes, very much.

Dr. W: Can you think of any minor example or major?

SP: Before, being in the Army I have a lot on my plate. I do logistics for the Army so I have a lot to deal with and a lot of people on top of my head putting pressure on me. Before that I used to be on edge like has to be like irritated anything so now, hey set the problem, fix the goal, and get the solution and get it done. That’s how I see it that’s how I do it. I don’t know if that’s right or I don’t know if I answer your question.

Dr. W: No it’s a beautiful answer. So things don’t get you down and you don’t get overwhelmed.

SP: Not anymore.

Dr. W: You can just break it down in the steps and get it done.

SP: That’s how I do.

Dr. W: That’s awesome.

SP: And that’s what I tell my kids too: fix your goal, plan, and make make it happen.

Dr. W: So work is a lot better for you. I know that was a huge stressor for you.

SP: It was. It was the trauma of my life and to the point that I told them that hey you guys is getting too much of my nerves or I’m willing to get to just get up and go no matter the consequences that I was gonna pay for that. But now I’m in for a long haul.

Dr. W: Well, depression can make it very very hard to sort out all the life stressors and to take action in a methodical way and to execute and depression gets in the way of that.

SP: Yes doc.

Dr. W: But it sounds like now you’ve got you’re on top of it.

SP: Yes but um my only advice to whoever wants to try TMS is stick to the plan, try not to miss any of your treatments, try to make all of them.

Dr. W: I think you did.

SP: For me, I think I’ve missed only one one because I had something to do [that’s amazing] but I stuck to everything so I am here’s the result I’m giving proof I’m living proof like I’m another person right now so. While taking TMS was going to school so I needed my mind to be to be right. I was doing I was getting my degree, learning, getting better and trying to better my conversation, my pronunciation because I’m a foreigner. I had like so much in my plate plus doing – taking TMS. Hey I got it done and [you did it!] success at the end, everything – I had my degree I have certificates everything I set my mind on. I made in such a tough year if I can do all that, hey, soon only the sky will be my limit.

Dr. W: You know it’s really true. You accomplished all of that during this pandemic, during COVID, away
from your family you got your degree.

SP: I had two degrees by the end!

Dr. W: You rock!

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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