With TMS I Started Sleeping Very Well

SP: And thanks to TMS I started sleeping well very well. I remember that without my pills I had no way I’d feel I’d fall asleep and all those bad nightmares due to my PTSD. But for some reason since I started TMS it’s gotten better. I let my doctors still pushing those pills for me but I don’t really take them unless I feel like hey I want to get knocked out knocked out and get like a good eight and nine hours of sleep if I have not much to do. But I don’t take sleeping pills no more. I don’t know if it’s because of TMS or but it’s a miracle.

Dr. W: When did you stop taking those?

SP: Okay without my pills and my Zoloft and nightmares medicine I used before coming to TMS I used to have two to three four hours of sleep at night. During TMS it got up to six hours at the end, seven-ish sometimes eight.

Dr. W: That’s great awesome so you can tell -.

SP: But I’m back to working out I feel good.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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