Did You Notice Progress After TMS?

AF: Yes absolutely it does. And it’s definitely just as exciting today like, five or almost six weeks later, than it was like when it first switched over to like really feeling the good result. And I understand that you know the neural pathways that are developing that are the new neural pathways, you know, keep on growing and becoming more established. And for someone like me who’s suffered with chronic you know moderate to severe depression for a better part of my life, this is just completely new ground. I don’t even ever remember you know really feeling this positive and this motivated except for some you know particular short lived periods during my life and certainly always feeling like I really needed to be one of those people that was on chronic medication. And I struggled with that for a while but now just you know with the TMS on board it’s just wow. I mean I just hate to say it because it probably sounds really crazy to someone who’s currently suffering through their depression and anxiety but life is really good post TMS treatment.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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