Did You Notice Any Effects on Your Anxiety?

NE: It definitely did. Prior to TMS I often felt myself and my anxiety kind of riling up when any little thing would happen. Or you know when something would annoy me I’d have this loop that would both increase my anxiety and then my frustration at the same point or at the same time whereas now I feel like I allow myself to experience a frustration and then let it pass without having to feel this overwhelming sense of urgency or you know innate feeling of there being something wrong.

Dr. W: Mhm. So it’s like now you can roll better, more resilience as things come your way.

NE: Definitely. I would say even most recently with just some roommate complaint conflicts that I’ve had you know in the past where it felt you know where it would feel like these conflicts would lead to damaged relationships or feelings of it will towards one another it now feels like just simple things that come and go and we’re able to work through them really effectively as a result of my own lack of anxiety about the matter.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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