Final Comments

CH: It feels, it is painful at first you know particularly when you’re trying to get used to it.

Dr. W: The first week it’s a little bothersome.

CH: It is and then I also noticed too that like I would have mild headaches and so I just take some Advil sort of thing. But the as I was going through the treatments it didn’t feel like it was doing anything for a long time, in fact from looking at the scores I did have that sort of dip I didn’t even notice one. But you know as the treatment progresses as it goes into like the third or fourth week, then I would start to notice a few things a little bit different and my wife actually noticed faster than I did. An instance of where I might have spiraled downwards [yeah] but I was able to slow down, I was able to notice, and react in a calm manner. So the treatment itself was again a bit of an effort, but the staff here especially my technician Victoria was fantastic you know always checking with me to make sure that I was comfortable, always checking with me to make sure that I was doing okay prior to this, and she also spent the whole time just talking with me if that’s what I wanted or turn on TV if that’s what I wanted things like that so it was good.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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