How Was Your Relation With Others?

HF: It kind of just felt like anything other people would say or do was exhausting. [Okay] I just I felt like I had so much going on in my own head that interacting with other people was just one more thing that my brain didn’t feel like it was up for [yeah]. I was just so tired [yeah] and just wanted to watch shows that made me feel good you know. I didn’t want to have any outside drama and so it’s definitely different to start interacting with people again.

Dr. W: And you feel like the TMS has lifted your depression and made that change for you?

HF: I do. [Okay] I feel like TMS me into a world of difference and I’ve talked to my mom on the phone multiple times a week all throughout it and then my boyfriend’s been around the entire time and both of them and say that I am completely a different person. I’ve started to come back to myself is what my mom said and she said I can really hear you on the phone versus who you were before, when you were very tired and upset and she said now I can hear if you were enjoying things and having fun and laughing. And it just – moms know. My mom’s my best friend and she knows me really well and it’s just it’s really nice just because even though I know that my I’ve known myself that I’ve felt a lot of changes it does feel nice to have that like outside reassurance of someone that’s kind of watched me go through the last year. And as TMS especially with some of the challenges I went through with TMS with some of the headaches in the beginning it was worth it.

Dr. W: Good.

HF: And as people have been asking me about it, friends and things like that, that I’ve told that I’ve been going through this, they asked me if I think it worked and I definitely have said 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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