Not In Crisis Anymore

SS: I haven’t really looked at this a whole lot like why I felt this way but I just had barely enough to deal with something as like a crisis
would come up like I couldn’t even consider being proactive in life because I was just trying to get by like I was just trying to exist, you know. And now I’m being more proactive with things and the nice thing about being proactive is it makes me feel good about myself. Like I get these good feelings about myself like “wow like okay today is February 17th and I just finished my taxes to mail them off.” That’s usually –

Dr. W: That’s amazing.

SS: Yeah! I mean I have a husband that that’s very important to him. And he has a different kind of job he just says w2. But anyway the point is: it’s been so hard for me every year it’s gotten worse and worse like it’s been so difficult for me to get everything together and and do my part. And that’s done today [that’s great] before today’s appointment. I know it’s so it’s life-changing. And so that has to do with my depression being better and my anxiety not being bad like I’m not to have all this negative self-talk about “oh I’m scared to know what I’m going to owe in taxes so I don’t want”. Like I just have just inside myself this piece like I just feel like it’s gonna be okay
and if it’s not like that I have what it takes. When I say “it’s not” but I have what it takes to deal with what’s going to come up. And I haven’t felt like that for a long long time.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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