Three Months After TMS

AF: I really come back and report my progress because things have just kept getting better. I can’t even believe that three months later I have so much more accomplished. 

I manage a chronic health condition and just being able to not be depressed and not have anxiety and take care of everything that I need to do for that has made those symptoms seem better too, even when sometimes they’re not so. I really just have been encouraging as many people as I know who’ve suffered with long-term chronic clinical depression and anxiety too check this as well. TMS has changed my life, it’s gotten better and better even though I was really happy when I finished with my results and it’s just been a miracle. 

I feel like myself again for the first time in a really really long time, just not having to constantly monitor how I’m feeling. I’m like not even having to question myself anymore, just being able to enjoy life. Nothing’s perfect but even tough things still are happening in some cases but I feel so much better equipped to handle life and I feel like if you know more people were able to get this treatment it would be as life-changing for them as it has been for me. I’m already off completely off one of the two antidepressants that I’ve been taking for so many years and like that’s a miracle.

I’m not attempting to to really do anything with the other one for now but I have a new life… a new lease on life.

Dr. W: Can you give me some specifics about what has changed for you and how your life is different?

AF: When you have a chronic you know condition like I do and there’s not a cure for it but I feel hopeful and when I get some news like we didn’t find anything on that task or you know to take this treatment for your condition it doesn’t feel hopeless, it doesn’t feel like it’s: “oh here’s another struggle that I have to deal with”. It’s just like okay, tell me what I have to do and this is the next step, being able to have rapid decision-making abilities. I’ve actually even helped out in some of the disaster relief operations for the organization that I volunteer for, which is the Red Cross, I probably don’t need to say that but I will and you know I just feel like I’m on fire and I go through my whole long shift with so much energy!

Dr. W: I’m sure this has cumulative effects given that you’re much more resilient and stable. What else do you notice?

AF: I noticed as the years had progressed with my depression and anxiety there would just be times where I just didn’t want to go outside my own front door and it wasn’t really that I didn’t want to be around people, it was just like everything seemed really overwhelming to me and I don’t feel overwhelmed by just simple things, that may not sound like a big deal but you know being able to go back to doing things like going to the grocery store and taking care of myself it just makes me feel like I’m so much more independent and not only can I take care of myself better but I can take care of the people that I love much better too and be there for them and that’s something that was really really difficult with depression. These things make me get emotional and gosh like feeling emotions like fully able to feel emotions with less medication on board I mean that’s great too because medication can go on emotion and I’ve gone up and down and down but I’ve been on medication for the last at least 10 years you know without stopping and just being able to get off of one of those antidepressants, I feel much better and when I do feel a little bit you know bad or a little bit down about something it doesn’t last and it doesn’t trigger like that next two weeks or three weeks or a couple months I just can’t get out of that and that is an amazing thing.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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