What About The Anxiety?

SS: The anxiety was so all-encompassing this is a happy dear thing okay but the anxiety was so all-encompassing and it brought me up so much but I couldn’t escape it. There was nothing that would take it away, there was nothing that would make it stop. And now gosh it’s not it’s like it doesn’t own me [yeah] and it was like being released from prison. And even these tears they’re happy tears tears of joy – but it’s like I feel things but those feelings don’t own me don’t take over I’m not either so tremendously sad or so tremendously anxious. Sometimes there are things that are sad, and sometimes there’s things that make me happy that bring me tears or whatever, but nothing owns me.

Dr. W: So like your mind isn’t running you.

MB: Exactly. And whatever that piece of anxiety or depression is, it just isn’t a part of me anymore I’m a person that sometimes feels happy and I’m a person that sometimes feels sad and it’s great. Physically the difference is I’m sleeping.

Dr. W: That’s amazing.

MB: I’m eating well. I’m just, I’m strong enough to now work out and exercise and I just feel so myself, the person that I was intended to be that I think for me is that’s really the best part.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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