What About The Anxiety?

SS: Ah I’ve lived with stress and anxiety for so long. I don’t even really remember you know not having it except there were periods in my life when – exercise if I would exercise a lot it really helped well the anxiety. But now the anxiety is not there unless I’m like going through one of those prayers where I still don’t believe I can do something and then it tells me “hey just take care of this and you’ll feel better” and I do. It’s – I don’t know it’s – I’m not worried I’m not worried that if I don’t take a job every single day of the week that I’m gonna be homeless. I’m not driven like my financial insecurities like I was on a daily basis. I lived with anxiety every day like it didn’t matter if things were okay or they weren’t. I just always had a heightened sense of something was gonna go wrong. Or, you know, just a plate would just maybe clatter and I would feel it and jump and I don’t have that.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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