What About Your Anxiety?

AF: So I’ve always had depression with an anxiety component. In my younger years it really was a like hyper like overactive you know just keep yourself super busy so you wouldn’t feel it until you dropped. And as I you know got further into my 30’s and 40’s it really turned into like depression and with the anxiety component more like really overwhelmed and crowds of people a little bit more afraid to leave the house if I really wasn’t feeling all that well. And you know just having these ruminating thoughts going around and around in my head like if I made a mistake about something like nobody could beat me up as bad as I could beat myself with those kind of thoughts like “oh I’m never gonna get this right because you know I made a mistake.” And you know it’s like you don’t intend to put that pressure on yourself but for me anxiety just really made me a lot more fearful of life and you know a lot more timid than I used to be and I’ve always been like a person that’s like willing to take some risks for really to benefit but my anxiety really you know kind of took that away from me. And right now it’s like I just feel like I can really take on things I feel like I can walk through you know any fears that I might have with courage rather than being you know limited by my anxiety symptoms.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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