What Has It Done To Your Self-Esteem?

GK: My self-esteem and  – because I said to my husband one day – “is this what normal feels like?” Because I’ve never felt normal. I never felt like I could be like I was like other people, that I always had these issues. And now I go through my days – I’ve had days since I’ve been doing TMS – where I actually have wake up with energy I’m able to accomplish a lot in my day. And then I feel better about myself and about my life and it’s easier than it’s ever been. Because I always struggled so much and now I’m not struggling it’s just easier. And I’ve actually had moments of real joy in my life that have, that I hadn’t had a lot of in my life. You know where I felt like just joyful being, not having to prove anything or or try to do things everything was difficult. But now it’s easier that’s all I can say.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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