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AK: Oh, and then it’s kind of like the latter part where I started feeling – there was just a day that I was with my husband. We went to Walmart. And I went out and, I saw the sky, and I told him I don’t feel it anymore. I feel good. And it was kind of already you know, like getting dark, it’s not even like a sunny day and I just realized “oh my god, it’s not here anymore. The dark cloud is not here anymore.” And then you know from then I was still kind of like in denial: “oh maybe it’s gonna come back, maybe it’s just, you know, I don’t want to get so excited and feel so bad after.”[Yeah.] It was just my anxiety going up and down but my depression did not come back anymore after that. And I told my husband “I can live! I can be a normal person!” I am still me, we proved that, very emotional, sensitive [yes]. And I accepted that. But you would just know this heavy dark feeling of clouds that is always with you even when you wake up – just went away. [Wow] Yes. And yeah, now I’m still trying to be better with productivity because for so long it’s always been honestly I want the same thing, I want the same thing, I don’t want to do anything if it doesn’t make me, you know, want to move or anything and now my body is slowly trying to adjust. And I’m like planning things, like being more productive, actually trying to find a work, but like you know I’m still taking my time. I’m just really happy that it’s fine and I always say the dark cloud is finally gone.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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