Your Experience With TMS

BG: Well okay my experience with TMS. I’m a very honest person I speak from the heart I don’t put credit where I believe it’s not due. First I wanted to talk about the staff here, all right. I’ve been to a lot of doctor’s offices, I’ve been to a lot of places and this staff here is special, all right. They really care about you. And when you’re when you do TMS the reason why is for depression and anxiety but I think a big part of that is is your mental thought process. You’re living in the past or you’re living in a situation that you’re afraid to have the judgment of other people. So I think what this procedure does is it helps you identify kind of what’s bothering you and for me it helped me come open to my family and my friends more. I think you can’t just expect this treatment to do it all on its own you have to put work in it you know. I was always exercising, I became really close to my family, I opened up to my friends about a lot of things that were bothering me and it was a combination of a lot of things. The staff was big you know. The people that were in the room with me talking to me I was able to open up it’s kind of like therapy while you’re getting your brain worked on at the same time so.

Dr. W: Although they’re not being therapists they’re just -.

BG: Yeah, they’re not being therapists you know they’re not. It’s just it’s nice to have people in there with you that don’t judge you [no] for anything you know. You can really like talk about who you are and I think that’s pretty important is you have to identify kind of who you are and what you kind of want to be. And I think living regret is one of the biggest things. So, if you’re someone that’s really struggling I feel like you need to really reach out to someone and like really ask for help and but you can’t be afraid to hold in what’s bothering you. You have to open up and that’s going to help you heal. So the place here have another great things to say about it like I really didn’t believe putting like a helmet on your head with electric stimulation would really help but I feel better. And my mom did it and it helped her out a lot and I have that’s just honesty so you gotta put a lot of work in trust the process. And I believe in you.

Dr. W: That’s awesome. You said you feel a lot more like you’re in the present. Can you speak to them?

BG: Yeah so I was really stuck on the past you know. I made a lot of mis- not mistakes with my life but mistakes as in just kind of ego stuff like that you know. Just a lot of things. And I was just living in the past all the time just recurring thoughts reoccurring just difficult times in my life that I kind of went through. And this just helps me live in the present. And I just feel you know, I’m a lot more active I just I’m just here now you know kind of going day by day now taking little steps you know. You can’t look in life in the big picture you got to take a little step and this was a little step for me to help get back on track so yeah nothing but great things to say about this place.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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