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CH: Yeah so originally I came in for assistance with ADHD symptoms and from looking at the initial inventory of the depression scale and the anxiety scale I was relatively surprised since I hadn’t really perceived of myself as having high levels of anxiety or high levels of depression. So I went ahead with the TMS treatments and over the course of the time I noticed that I gained the ability to slow down my thinking, especially in emotionally charged situations. So like in conversations with my wife if I feel that she might be upset with me that also was very triggering for me to spiral downward in a whole bunch of emotions and often times it wasn’t even correct, that she wasn’t upset with me there was something else going on. And so post-treatment I feel I do have that ability to slow down to analyze the situation, to look for additional circumstances that may be happening, as well as find a solution for the problem that I feel is going on, even though to her there might not even be a problem I was able to see the issues that I was having at work through them. As well for ADHD it has really helped me with starting tasks one of the things that I realized over the course of the treatment is that a lot of the issues that I have with starting tasks revolves around my emotions of the task, primarily around anxiety whether it’s I don’t understand how to do it, I don’t know what it should look like once it’s done, or you know I don’t feel equipped to do something. All of that anxiety levels are lower for me now and it definitely hasn’t gone away. There are still instances of where like I will get caught up in my emotions and it will be hard to start things like exercise, not a whole lot of fun and you know it’s still some reluctance to do it but I feel that overall a lot of tasks are easier to start since my anxiety levels are lower. In addition, meeting strangers talking with people things like that general social anxiety issues or things that I had fixed previously and I feel that this has helped out with that as well.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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