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DC: I had a fantastic experience with TMS. Initially I’ve always dealt with depression ever since I was young I can never really think of a time when I was feeling good. So I tried quite a few anti-depressants, been on them for 15 years, with different treatments and it kind of let me just get by. I do a lot of really cool activities but none of them make me super happy. So when this option came up and it was all covered and talked to the team here, it looked like the right way to go. There’s a little bit of a commitment for me because I travel all the time, so to stay in one place was… I’m glad I did it. I really enjoy all the activities I do now just, I look forward to going do them. Before I didn’t really look forward to the future I’d just get together but now I’m actually thinking “oh I can do this I can do this. I can enjoy this,” so it was a really fantastic experience for me.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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