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EM: So this is my second time doing TMS, actually. I did it first earlier this year and then I did it just finished up recently. You know with everything going on with COVID I kind of had a little bit of a relapse with depression and everything but I feel just as good as ever you know after doing it for a second time. I – it’s really nice having you know having that routine of coming in every day and making friends with everybody here and seeing everybody again and having you know people to talk to, people to socialize with. And it’s just overall a pleasant experience. One thing that has helped me with is I have anxiety sometimes and or a lot of the times but I would always all my life I’ve picked my fingernails or stuff and they’re all grown back out now and I can’t remember the last time that my fingernails have grown back out and you know I and that’s definitely because the TMS has helped my anxiety and my overall worries and stuff that I have sometimes. I am definitely I definitely have enjoyed the experience because I you know you get into a routine every day you get to come in and see everybody make friends with everybody and then you know do your treatment and then it’s just overall a pleasant experience.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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