Your Experience With TMS

HF: I feel so much better. And it just it was an incredible change to wake up in the morning and not feel like my bed was the only safe place in the world so.

Dr. W: And you didn’t realize that other people could get up and feel like happy to be up?

HF: No I had no idea how people said they were morning people. I thought that they were just making that up and I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily a morning person but I would definitely say that getting up is no longer the biggest challenge of my day. And I would say that my last few weeks of TMS and including the few weeks after I wake up in the morning and yes, everyone gets that grown of the first alarm especially if it’s early, but I get up and I get dressed and I get moving and it’s it’s nowhere near the same struggle that it was before.

Dr. W: And what did you do this morning?

HF: I went to the gym at 6am.

Dr. W: Tell me a little about that, what was that like to go do?

HF: When the alarm went off at 5:30 I was kind of regretting my decision to sign up but I knew that I had signed up and committed to a class spot and so my boyfriend went with me. And we got up got dressed went and got in the car and there was a little grumbling we didn’t speak very much on the way there but once we got there there was a bunch of other people that did the exact same thing. They got up at 5:30 they were there to work out have fun with their friends. I met a new group of people and that itself is just a big difference for me as well because before I might have gone to a yoga class where I didn’t talk to anyone but being in a gym environment where it’s a social environment also was definitely a struggle beforehand. And I feel like this morning was a big change and I’m really excited and I want to join that gym and it was just my tryout today so I got to test it out to see if I’m going to join and I’m definitely going to join. I mean I’ll always do 6 am classes but they have six and seven so it just makes me feel like starting the day off on the right foot and I have a reason to get out of bed and it’s a good reason and I’m happy about it.

Dr. W: That’s really smart.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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