Your Experience With TMS

JV: TMS has been life-changing for me I came – I didn’t want it when I came I didn’t want to be a part of my life. I was in bed most days. I have a autistic son who also has cystic fibrosis and needs a lot of medical care I was falling down on that, wasn’t it wasn’t able to keep up with what needed to be done. I, TMS has been amazing the people here care. They greet you they treat you like a person and they care and they’re encouraging and they just help. And the TMS helps it’s it took a while for it to kick in with me, but once it did I’m being a part of my life I go out and do things with my husband and I want to and with my son I’ve gone swimming which I didn’t do the past two years with my son he’s loving it we’re loving it we’re playing games together. My chiropractor is able to adjust me easier because she’s, areas that she’s never been able to adjust.

Dr. W: That’s so awesome.

JV: Yeah, it’s amazing I mean it’s changed me physically and emotionally. My anxiety is down, I’m better able to deal with different things it’s life-changing and I’m so happy so happy that I tried it.

Dr. W: Wow. We love your result, you got a fabulous result and you were telling me that you’re much more engaged like with the community with people.

JV: Yeah I’m doing small groups at my church and wanting to be there and like I’m excited about being there and talking to people. And that excitement the excitement about things has just happened like in the past three weeks and it’s like it took a while but it I saw progress but it’s amazing and it’s still getting better.

Dr. W: And it will. It will continue to get better. And you said you’re more present?

JV: Yes. I mean like we went away for our anniversary and instead of just dreading it, I was able to be present with my husband and interact and enjoyed the time and just yeah. And he notices I’m able to be present at home with my dad with just everything, everyone.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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