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MF: Well, okay well the interesting thing is I started for – because I had some pretty intense anxiety and had to fill up the questionnaire for depression and would have sworn that I wasn’t depressed. I was just you know really anxious but I certainly wasn’t depressed at all until I realized how tremendously depressed I was and I guess I would have realized if I looked at my responses to the questionnaire but that even eluded me what I noticed was that after about three weeks all of a sudden. Wow I just felt so different and it wasn’t this euphoric “oh I’m so happy and everything is so amazing and you know sun is brighter and the flowers are you know more beautiful.” It wasn’t that it was just this sense of, I just felt so me you know that was the end that was the thing that really blew me away initially. And so then time passed and I remember meeting with Dr. Hubbard at the very end of my treatment and him asking me the difference that I felt. And it almost and it’s going to almost break my tears down because the difference is I don’t feel like I’m in prison anymore.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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