Your Experience With TMS

MF: Well, this my second experience with the TMS treatment. I came about a year ago and it ended up being a great experience so great that when I began to feel myself getting to a point where I was getting low – I felt some of those negative feelings those thoughts those things that I shouldn’t feel – that’s when I contacted Avery and said I think I need to do a proactive treatment. So anyway, we went through the process and he got me in and –

Dr. W: You mean the second time?

MF: The second time, and it was just great. I love the people here. I refer friends all the time. And this time I felt more confident speaking to the – for new friends in the waiting room and they would ask me questions and if I can help them along that’s awesome. But I want you to know that the the feelings come gradually. And for me, I made a note of my totals every time I came in and I could see it happening. You don’t necessarily notice it happening, but then you go “wait a minute I came in at a this number and I’m here to this number” and you realize how good it is. Also I want you to know that it continues to take effect after your treatments end, because my treatment ended a week ago today. I continue to feel better and better and better each day throughout the week and I still feel great. And I just – I don’t know how it works exactly and why it works but it does work. And really helps to reach out don’t wait that is my main thing is do not wait.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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