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PW: I think the background is important first. I’ve had kind of a lifelong history of low-level depression which hasn’t been great fun but not a big problem in most of my life, just not very enjoyable. So the last couple years it had been worse and my mood had been off for quite along time and I was looking for something to try and trying another med in the pre-ultimate again because I’ve done that several times sometimes they help a lot sometimes they don’t you never kind of know what you’re gonna get and I guess that’s true with TMS too but I said let’s try this and it has fewer side effects than even any drug on the market so it seemed like zero risk and I started it I noticed a little bit of change right away and then as I went along i started feeling a little bit better and then we ended up doing some right side treatment at the end and that just kind of put me over the edge and I feel like myself again and it’s really a great relief.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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