Your Life Before TMS

HF: I would say at the height of my depression about six to – four to six months ago my friend he’s now my boyfriend but at the time he was my really good friend. And I asked him to come with me to every store, home depot, the pet store, just the grocery store because I really didn’t want to interact with people I didn’t like being out in public, I didn’t like it when people just casually chatted with me, I didn’t want to talk to the store clerks and so he was great. And he came and picked me up because I had a really hard time leaving my house. Just the effort of getting out my door with shoes on and into the car was – seemed impossible and so with someone on my team he came to my house he came and got me and he drove me to the pet food store. And I remember he’d carry my basket around for me and we would chat about what I needed but if anyone asked us any questions he would respond and I would just kind of halfway smile. The masks were nice though because I didn’t really have to smile. And I just since even probably the second or third week of TMS I’ve started to feel like I can do some of these errands on my own and now I’ve been going to the pet food store, the grocery store, without that support system and I’m really feeling like I can have those casual conversations with others. I’m even starting to make jokes to people which is more of my personality and what I’ve missed in the last several months so. Pretty excited to start seeing my humor come back. This morning at the gym there was a 6am class and then a 7 am class and so I had worked out at my station and then I cleaned it all off and then I was leaving and someone came in and was setting up at my station and I said “hey don’t worry I warm that up for you” and so it was just something that before me would say that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Would I have to take an antidepressant for my whole life ?

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